Hot Sun Riddim

THE “HOT SUN RIDDIM” Prod. By Amilli Records

Amilli Records was founded in 2014 by Albert Millington Jr as a music label that would mainly be focused on getting Saint Kitts & Nevis recording artists and producers talent out in the world on an international level. Since 2014 until now Amilli Records has been dormant just slowly building and gaining knowledge about the music industry, faced with many fights and obstacles Amilli Records has overcome and ready to take the music world by storm.

The Hot Sun Riddim project, produced by Amilli Records, is officially launched and released as our first project for summer 2018. The Hot Sun Riddim project is launched featuring selected artist and is being properly marketed and distributed.

The Hot Sun Riddim instrumental was produced since 2014 by Jahvid “De Magician” Percival as an exclusive beat for a leisure-time project for the artist Trebla for his song “Summer Time” but wasn’t officially published or distributed until now. The Hot Sun Riddim has that bouncy, summer and tropical feeling to it and is expected to hit the music industry with a great impact not just in Saint Kitts but also in Jamaica and other countries.

The Hot Sun Riddim is featuring five (5) St. Kitts artists Trebla, Byron Messia, Amiel, Dino of the Vicious Styles music group and Pringle of the Huwaii music group. Featuring on the riddim is also two (2) well known Jamaican artist Maestro Don and another that would be released as a surprise track. The name of the tracks that are already released are ‘Shue Fly’ by Byron Messia, ‘I Got You’ by Amiel, ‘You A De One’ by Pringle & Dino, ‘Summer Time’ by Trebla and ‘New Day’ by Maestro Don. There are several other riddim projects in the pipeline to be released, however this riddim project is sure to stimulate the appetite and satisfy new music cravings.

Amilli Records encourages everyone they work with whether artists or producers etc with a passion to take a bold step and invest time and energy into everything they’re featured on. Amilli Records also appeals to Kittitians and Nevisians to support our own talent and help push our content, “we support all the different genre of music and artists of every background even though we don’t know them, I believe we are trapped into that simple minded thinking where we don’t even value our own talent. We need to support great music/talent in general not just everyone else’s and not our own and also not just our own and not everyone else’s.”

Amilli Records firmly believe that with the necessary support of the Saint Kitts and Nevis federation and perseverance of the artists and producers they can reach the world stage, promoting themselves and by extension, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Amilli Records, also wants to take time from the launch of the Hot Sun Riddim project to applaud the efforts of the graphic designer Javid Morton of JFX Studio, the engineer Rajiv “Dj Rinch” Hamilton, one of Amilli Records employed beat composer Jahvid “De Magician” Percival and all featured artists on the project for putting in the work and remaining committed to their musical craft.

Amilli Records would also like to announce to all current and aspiring artists and producers that Amilli Records is opened to work with those that are serious about building a career in music.


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